Recent Publications by Adrian Kavanagh

Recent publications by Adrian Kavanagh, including academic publications (articles in academic journals, book chapters…) and newspaper articles (Updated: 10th August 2015):

Kavanagh, Adrian (2012) “Changes may offer parties a quick fix to gender quotas”, in Irish Examiner, Friday 22nd June, pp.8-9.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2013) “Picture of Ireland: How many Dubliners vote?”, in The Irish Times (Weekender), Saturday 19th July, p.6.

Kavanagh, Adrian and Fallon, Johnny (2013) The 2013 Eurovision Handbook [e-book] Maynooth: Self-published.  Available at: Amazon

Kavanagh, Adrian and Whelan, Noel (2013) Potential Outcomes for the 2007 and 2011 Irish elections under different electoral systems, Dublin,

Kavanagh, Adrian (2013) “Signs of growing anti-government sentiment in key commuter belt areas”, in The Irish Times, Tuesday 8th October, p.2.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) The 2014 Eurovision Handbook Maynooth: Self-published.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “Independents and Left have most to gain”, in Sunday Independent, Sunday 27th April, Local and European Elections supplement 2014 p.15.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “Election 2014 – Will your vote count?”, in The 10K Times, Sunday 18th May, p.13.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “The vital wards for election predictions”, in The Irish Independent, Saturday 24th May, p.13.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “Labour faces perfect storm”, in The Irish Examiner, Saturday 24th May, p.13.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “Elections in Numbers”, in The Irish Independent, Monday 26th May, p.6.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “What results tell us about Greens, gender and reform”, in The Irish Independent, Monday 26th May, p.7.

A variety of elections-related posts during the 2014 Local and European elections weekend on the Irish Independent website, including:

Kavanagh, Adrian, Buckley, Fiona, McGing, Claire and Clancy, Nóirín (2014) “A small step in the right direction”, in The Irish Examiner, Friday 30th May, p.13.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “All changed, changed utterly? Irish general election boundary amendments and the 2012 Constituency Commission report”, Irish Political Studies 29 (2), 215-235.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “Hold on to your seat, it’ll be a bumpy electoral ride”, in The Sunday Times, Sunday 31st August, p.13.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “Predicting seat numbers”, in Galway Independent, Wednesday 24th September, p.24.

Foley, Ronan and Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “Health and Spatial Justice”, in Kearns, Gerry, Meredith, David and Morrissey, John (eds.) Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, pp.142-160.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “Independents day as major parties lose out”, in The Irish Examiner, Monday 13th October 2014, p.11.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “Battlegrounds: Six constituencies that will determine the next government”, in Irish Independent, Monday 24th November 2014, pp.14-15.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2014) “Independents Day: new groupings to thrive after election”, in The Irish Examiner, Tuesday 9th December 2014, p.13

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “Adrian Kavanagh’s general election countdown: Part 1”, in Irish Independent, Wednesday 14th January 2015, pp.14-15.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “Adrian Kavanagh’s general election countdown: Part 2”, in Irish Independent, Thursday 15th January 2015, pp.14-15.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “Adrian Kavanagh’s general election countdown: Part 3”, in Irish Independent, Friday 16th January 2015, pp.14-15.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “An end to “Civil War politics? The radically reshaped political landscape of post-crash Ireland”, Electoral  Studies 38(1), 71-81.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “Labour won’t get vote transfers from the Left”, in Sunday Independent, Sunday 12th April 2015, p.20.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “Young voters give wake-up call ahead of next election”, in Sunday Independent, Sunday 24th May, p.21.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “Independents’ support levels don’t always translate into seats”, in Sunday Independent, Sunday 14th June, p.29.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “The May 2014 Local and European Elections in the Republic of Ireland: Second Order or Austerity Voting?”, Representation, 51:2, 239-252. DOI: 10.1080/00344893.2015.1061043.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “An evolving political landscape: Political reform, boundary changes and the 2014 local election.” Administration, 63 (2), 59-77. DOI: 10.1515/admin-2015-0010

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “Based on these numbers, another Fine Gael-Labour coalition would fall far short”, in Irish Independent, Monday 3rd August, pp.12-13.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2015) “Labour is facing a ‘perfect storm’ at coming election”, in Irish Independent, Saturday 10th October, pp.8-9.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2016) “FG/FF coalition is likeliest option”, in Irish Sun, Sunday 27th October, pp.9.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2016) “The most fractured election in almost a century” in The Times, Tuesday 1st March 2016 [online]

Kavanagh, Adrian and McGing, Claire (2016) “Victorious women prove quotas work” in The Times, Wednesday 2nd March 2016 [online]

Kavanagh, Adrian (2017) A century of elections in Monaghan In: Duffy, P (ed.) (2017) Monaghan History and Society: Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish county. Dublin: Geography Publications, pp. 729-754.

Pells, Rachael and Kavanagh, Adrian (2018), Interview with Adrian Kavanagh, Times Higher Education, 10th May 2018, 11-12.

Kavanagh, Adrian (2019) “How standout candidates made such a big impact with the voters”, in Irish Independent, Monday 27th May 2019, p.9 (Elections 2019 supplement).

Kavanagh, Adrian (2019) “It’s good History has been saved – but we must also put Geography on the map”, in Irish Independent, Saturday 5th October 2019, pp.24-25.

Durkan, William, Kavanagh, Adrian and D’Arcy, Caoilfhionn (2020) “Electoral Cartography”, in Kobayashi, Audrey (ed.) International Encyclopedia of Human Geography 2nd Edition, Volume 2, Oxford, Elsevier, pp.89-94.


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