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Shortest day and longest night for Labour. Constituency-level analysis of the Sunday Times-Behaviour & Attitudes, Sunday Independent-Millward Brown and Sunday Business Post-Red C polls (21st December 2014)

Adrian Kavanagh, 20th December 2014  Tomorrow’s Sunday Business-Red C, Sunday Independent-Millward Brown and Sunday Times-Behaviour & Attitudes poll results largely reflects the figures in the Irish Times-Ipsos MRBI poll from earlier this month and indeed most recent polls. Trends in these polls have suggested that … Continue reading

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Independents Day again but disaster for the government parties. Constituency-level analysis of the Irish Times-Ipsos MRBI opinion poll (4th December 2014)

Adrian Kavanagh, 4th December 2014  There are obvious winners – the Independents and Others grouping – and losers – the government parties – in today’s Irish Times-Ipsos MRBI poll. Recent polls, including the latest Sunday Business Post-Red C poll (22nd November 2014), were … Continue reading

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Confirmed candidates for the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election

Adrian Kavanagh, 3rd December 2014 (regularly updated) Following the appointment of Phil Hogan as Ireland’s EU Commissioner, a vacancy has arisen in the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency. A by-election for this constituency will take place on 22nd May 2015, with the writ being moved for … Continue reading

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