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How would Scottish Independence impact on electoral competition in the rest of the United Kingdom?

Adrian Kavanagh, 28th August 2014  A referendum on Scottish Independence is taking place on 18th September 2014. While the pre-contest opinion polls are suggesting that this will not be carried, it is worth remembering the range of Irish cases (2001 … Continue reading

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CSO Population and Migration Estimates (April 2014): Some Political Perspectives

Adrian Kavanagh, 26th August 2014 The Central Statistics Office release its last issue in its annual estimation of population/migration figures within the state on 26th August, with the publication of Population and Migration Estimates April 2014. This latest publication estimates that … Continue reading

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“When the hurly-burly’s done…”: Constituency-level analyses of the post-Local and European elections opinion polls

Adrian Kavanagh, 12th June 2014 (with subsequent updates) The local and European elections brought a (probably quite welcome!) respite to the spate of opinion polls that had appeared in the run up to the May 23rd electoral contests, but June … Continue reading

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Love’s Labour Not Entirely Lost?: Constituency-level analysis of the Sunday Times-Behaviour & Attitudes poll (17th August 2014)

Adrian Kavanagh, 16th August 2014  The latest in the series of Behaviour & Attitudes polls has brought good news for the Labour Party after a long period of dismal results in previous such opinion polls. The Sunday Times-Behaviour & Attitudes poll of August 16th 2014, … Continue reading

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