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Successful Election 2011 candidates by prior elected office

Adrian Kavanagh, 30th February 2011 With a significant number of retiring TDs at this general election, added further to be significant seat loss numbers amongst Fianna Fail and Green Party incumbents (in addition to the losses by three Fine Gael … Continue reading

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Commentary on voting trends in 2011 General Election

Adrian Kavanagh, 28th February 2011 Party Support trends: The big story in this election is no doubt the extent of the swing against the government parties, with Fianna Fail and the Green Party losing a combined total of over half … Continue reading

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Turnout levels by constituency, 2007 General Election

Adrian Kavanagh, 25th February 2011 Voter turnout (%) levels by constituency, 2007 General Election

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From poll toppers to poll droppers?

Adrian Kavanagh 24th February 2011 One interesting fact to look at could be the fate of the candidates who topped the polls (i.e. won most votes, not necessarily first elected!) in the 43 different constituencies in 2007 – from what I … Continue reading

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Candidates currently holding elected office

Adrian Kavanagh, 13th February 2011 The following list details the number of candidates in different constituencies who currently already hold an elected office. Note that the councillors numbers here includes candidates who are county/city councillors and town councillors.

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Independents who previously ran for other political parties

Adrian Kavanagh, 13th February 2011 44 of the independent/small party candidates who are running in the 2011 General Election previous ran in electoral contests for other political parties, including 12 who previoiusly ran for the Labour Party, 11 who previously ran … Continue reading

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Geography and voting trends: Galway East constituency

Adrian Kavanagh, 3rd February 2011 Voting patterns are geographical patterns – as shown is this example from the Galway East constituency.

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