Independents who previously ran for other political parties

Adrian Kavanagh, 13th February 2011

44 of the independent/small party candidates who are running in the 2011 General Election previous ran in electoral contests for other political parties, including 12 who previoiusly ran for the Labour Party, 11 who previously ran for Fianna Fail, 7 who previously ran for Fine Gael,  6 who previously ran for the Progressive Democrats, 4 who previously ran for Sinn Fein, 3 who previously ran for the Green Party and 1 who previously ran for the Workers Party.

Constituency Independents/Others
Clare James Breen FF, Jim Connolly LB
Cork East  
Cork North-Central  
Cork North-West  
Cork South-Central  
Cork South-West  
Donegal North-East Ian McGarvey FF
Donegal South-West Thomas Pringle SF
Dublin Central Christy Burke SF
Dublin Mid-West Colm McGrath FF
Dublin North  
Dublin North-Central  
Dublin North-East  
Dublin North-West  
Dublin South Shane Ross FG
Dublin South-Central Peter O’Neill FG
Dublin South-East  
Dublin South-West  
Dublin West  
Dun Laoghaire Victor Boyhan PD,
Galway East  
Galway West Noel Grealish PD, Catherine Connolly LB, Thomas Welby PD
Kerry North-West Lim  
Kerry South Tom Fleming FF, Michael Gleeson LB, Richard Behal SF
Kildare North Catherine Murphy DL/LB
Kildare South  
Laois-Offaly Eddie Fitzpatrick PD, Fergus McDonnell PD, Ray Fitzpatrick LB, John Foley FF
Limerick City Kevin Kiely FG
Limerick    Patrick O’Doherty GP
Longford-Westmeath Kevin “Boxer” Moran FF
Louth Thomas Clare FF, Gerry Crilly FG
Mayo Michael Kilcoyne LB
Meath East Sharon Keoghan FF
Meath West  
Roscommon-S Leitrim  
Sligo-North Leitrim Declan Bree LB, Gabriel Mc Sharry LB, Alwyn Love LB, Veronica Cawley LB, Michael Clarke FF
Tipperary North Michael Lowry FG
Tipperary South Mattie McGrath FF
Waterford Ben Nutty GP, Tom Higgins FG, John Halligan WP
Wexford Seamus O’Brien LB, John Dwyer SF
Wicklow Joe Behan FF, Nicky Kelly LB, Pat Kavanagh GP, Thomas Clarke PD, Charlie Keddy LB

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3 Responses to Independents who previously ran for other political parties

  1. Great Stuff Adrian.
    A few more for you
    Sligo North Leitrim -Michael Clarke ran for FF
    Waterford -John Halligan ran for The Workers Party

    Not sure if these were ever registered Parties
    Cork South Central -Ted Neville previously ran for the Immigration Control Platform
    Dublin North -Mark Harold ran for the Independents Health Alliance in 2002
    Dublin South -Gerard Dolan ran for “Political Organisation For Work” in 1997
    Roscommon- South Leitrim -Luke Flanagan previously ran for the ‘Choice Party’ .

  2. Does Ben Nutty not have a Fis Nua badge on him at this election? ElectionsIreland seemed to think so (and they’re all ex-Greens).

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