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Candidates for the next (2018-2021) General Election by constituency

Adrian Kavanagh (First posted on 19th April 2017 – this post will be updated as and when new candidates are selected/declared) The run in to the next general election, which can take place at any stage over the next four … Continue reading

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How did the Younger Ones (candidates aged between 21 and 35) fare at General Election 2016

Adrian Kavanagh, 1st March 2016 In an earlier post, I listed all eighty four candidates in the 21-35 age category (15.2% of the total number of General Election candidates) who contested Friday’s general election contest. This post reviews how these candidates fared in the election and … Continue reading

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Elections to 25th Seanad (2016): Lists of Nominated Candidates and Analysis of Trends

Adrian Kavanagh, 22nd December 2015 Elsewhere on this site, I have compiled a list of the selected/declared candidates for the 2016 Dail elections, but this post lists the nominated candidates for the 2016 Seanad elections. (The earlier version of this … Continue reading

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Poll Toppers at the 2014 Local (City and County Council) Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 26th June 2015 In the lead up to, and in the immediate aftermath of, the 2011 General Election, I produced a post reviewing the poll toppers in each of the different constituencies at the 2007 General Election and their … Continue reading

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The Younger Ones: General Election 2016 candidates aged between 21 and 35

Adrian Kavanagh, 26th June 2015 In a similar vein to an earlier post relating to 2011 General Election candidates and a similar post relating to younger candidates contesting the 2014 City and County Council elections, this page seeks to list the names, and … Continue reading

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General Election 2016 candidates who previously contested elections for other parties/political groupings

Adrian Kavanagh, 25th June 2015 In this post, I have attempted to list all the candidates for the upcoming general election who have previously contested elections for political parties/political groupings that are different to the one they are currently in. In the … Continue reading

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Former TDs contesting the 2015/16 General Election

Adrian Kavanagh, 6th June 2015 (with subsequent updates) A good number of former TDs will often decide to contest the following general election contest after the one that they lost their seat in. Some of these will have already contested the 2014 City/County Council elections, … Continue reading

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