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2019 Local Elections candidate selections for the “Other” political parties/groupings

Adrian Kavanagh, 19th March 2019 The groups/parties listed here are smaller parties that had – at least by the middle of March 2019 – selected only a relatively small number of Local Elections 2019 candidates, including Aontú, the Workers Party, … Continue reading


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General Election 2016 candidates who previously contested elections for other parties/political groupings

Adrian Kavanagh, 25th June 2015 In this post, I have attempted to list all the candidates for the upcoming general election who have previously contested elections for political parties/political groupings that are different to the one they are currently in. In the … Continue reading

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Past not an entirely different country? A look back at the 1985 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 22nd November 2013 With little more than half a year until the 2014 Local Elections, I thought it would be useful to look back at a previous local elections contest that took place in what may well prove … Continue reading

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2014 Local Elections candidates for the “Other” political parties/groupings

Adrian Kavanagh, First posted 15th July 2013 with updates as new candidate nominations announced  The post focuses on the candidate selections for the different parties and groupings that were not running a sufficiently large enough number of candidates to warrant a separate … Continue reading

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