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City and County Councillors who will be stepping down at (not contesting) the 2019 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh 18th October 2018 This post lists all of the City/County Councillors who will be retiring at the May 24th 2019 Local Elections – as opposed to the version of this post for 2014 elections, it will not list … Continue reading

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Ministerial and Junior Ministerial appointments by constituency (6th May 2016)

Adrian Kavanagh, Friday 6th May 2016 – updated: Friday 19th May 2016 This post will look at ministerial appointments by constituency and by region, following the re-election of Enda Kenny earlier and the announcement of the new cabinet, including Fine Gael and … Continue reading

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Dail constituency support estimates: Combining 2014 Local Election results and Opinion Poll-generated support estimates

Adrian Kavanagh, 7th August 2015 As you may know, I try to regularly carry out what I term a constituency-level analysis of opinion poll figures, as and when these are released, to try and decipher what these might mean in … Continue reading

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Poll Toppers at the 2014 Local (City and County Council) Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 26th June 2015 In the lead up to, and in the immediate aftermath of, the 2011 General Election, I produced a post reviewing the poll toppers in each of the different constituencies at the 2007 General Election and their … Continue reading

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Former TDs contesting the 2015/16 General Election

Adrian Kavanagh, 6th June 2015 (with subsequent updates) A good number of former TDs will often decide to contest the following general election contest after the one that they lost their seat in. Some of these will have already contested the 2014 City/County Council elections, … Continue reading

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Confirmed candidates for the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election

Adrian Kavanagh, 3rd December 2014 (regularly updated) Following the appointment of Phil Hogan as Ireland’s EU Commissioner, a vacancy has arisen in the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency. A by-election for this constituency will take place on 22nd May 2015, with the writ being moved for … Continue reading

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How would Scottish Independence impact on electoral competition in the rest of the United Kingdom?

Adrian Kavanagh, 28th August 2014  A referendum on Scottish Independence is taking place on 18th September 2014. While the pre-contest opinion polls are suggesting that this will not be carried, it is worth remembering the range of Irish cases (2001 … Continue reading

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