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Saturday’s Election – Why Your Vote Matters

Adrian Kavanagh, 6th February 2020 On Saturday 8th February, over two million voters across the state will go to the polls to cast their votes at General Election 2020. The results of this election will be determined by many factors … Continue reading

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The 2019 Local Elections: A Geographer’s Overview

Adrian Kavanagh, 28th March 2019 The 2019 City and County Council elections took place on 28th May 2019. Perhaps the most notable trend at this election was to do with voter turnout. The average turnout level for the 2019 Local … Continue reading

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Friday’s Elections: Why Voting Matters

Adrian Kavanagh, 23rd May 2019 This year, local, European and referendum elections are taking place on Friday 24th May (TOMORROW!!!), while voters in Cork City, Waterford and Limerick also get to vote on a plebiscite on whether they will have a … Continue reading

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The 2016 US Presidential Election: Disproportionality, Bias and the Electoral College

Adrian Kavanagh, 18th November 2016 – latest update: 8th February 2017 As the dust settles following the conclusion of the 2016 USA Presidential Election campaign, there are two striking patterns, or trends, which point towards the high degree of disproportionality … Continue reading

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A Geography of Voter Turnout at the 2016 General Election: A Focus on Dublin City

Adrian Kavanagh, 15th April 2016 Voter turnout can be defined as the percentage of people who turn out to vote in a given election. In the USA, voter turnout levels are calculated the percentage of the valid adult population (aged … Continue reading

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General Election 2016 – Why your vote matters

Adrian Kavanagh, 26th February 2016 A general election to elect the new members of the 32nd Dail is taking place on Friday 26th February 2016 (TODAY!!!). The results of this election will be determined by many factors – some of which will be local, … Continue reading

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Constituency Electorate Sizes and Quota Estimates for the 2016 General Election

Adrian Kavanagh, 19th February 2016 The Department of Environment has now made available electorate figures for all of the 40 Dail constituencies being contested in next Friday’s (26th February) general election contest. As these stand, numbers on the supplementary register … Continue reading

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Voter Turnout in Dublin City for the Marriage Equality/Presidential Candidate Age referendum contests

Adrian Kavanagh, 22nd June 2015 As noted in last month’s post, the national voter turnout rate of 60.5% – which was just 9.4% lower than the turnout level for the 2011 General Election – for the Marriage Equality (and Presidential Candidate Age) … Continue reading

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A Geographical Perspective on the Carlow-Kilkenny By-Election, 22nd May 2015

Adrian Kavanagh, 26th May 2015  The Carlow-Kilkenny Dail by-election was held on the same days as the Marriage Equality and Presidential Candidate Age referendum contests. Based on the list provided on the website, this was the 133rd Dail by-election … Continue reading

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Turnout or Turned Off? A Geographical Review of Voter Turnout patterns at the 2014 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 3rd June 2014  The elections of May 23rd 2014 saw the second lowest turnout levels for local election contests in the history of the state – with only the turnout levels at the 1999 contests being lower. This marked … Continue reading

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