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European Treaty referendum turnout levels in the Dublin City constituencies in the 2000s

Adrian Kavanagh, 31st May 2012 As polling in the European Fiscal Treaty referendum continues today, there is a lot of talk of low turnouts being recorded so far at different polling centres, so this would be an appropriate time to … Continue reading

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Which constituencies have the highest Yes or No votes and turnouts? A geography of European Union referendum votes

Adrian Kavanagh, 31st May 2012 A study of the previous five referendum elections relating to European Union treaties (Amsterdam 1998, Nice 2001, Nice 2002, Lisbon 2008 and Lisbon 2009) reveals a remarkable constistency in terms of regional turnout and voting trends in … Continue reading

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New general election boundaries with a 158-seat Dail Eireann: the likely scenarios

Adrian Kavanagh, 25th May 2012 Following on the publication of final/definitive population statistics for Census 2011 on March 29th, the Constituency Commission has been completing the task of drawing up a new general (and European) election boundary report. They have … Continue reading

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Voter turnout in Dublin City in 2011 – a geographical perspective

Adrian Kavanagh, May 3rd 2012 The issue of voter turnout has largely disappeared from the Irish media and political commentariat’s attention over the past few years, with concerns over issues to do with low political participation levels, and indeed especially … Continue reading

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