From poll toppers to poll droppers?

Adrian Kavanagh 24th February 2011

One interesting fact to look at could be the fate of the candidates who topped the polls (i.e. won most votes, not necessarily first elected!) in the 43 different constituencies in 2007 – from what I see a number have retired but some of the rest could be at risk of losing their seats in this election. In 2007 Fianna Fail candidates topped the poll in 36 constituencies, Fine Gael candidates in five, while a Labour and Independent candidate topped the poll in one constituency. The poll toppers in 2007 were:

Carlow-Kilkenny McGuinness, John FF 11,635
Cavan-Monaghan Smith, Brendan FF 15,548
Clare Dooley, Timmy FF 10,791
Cork East Ahern, Michael FF 10,350
Cork North Central Kelleher, Billy FF 9,456
Cork North West Moynihan, Michael FF 10,146
Cork South Central Martin, Michael FF 11,226
Cork South West O’Sullivan, Christy FF 10,333
Donegal North East McHugh, Joe FG 8,711
Donegal South West Coughlan, Mary FF 10,530
Dublin Central Ahern, Bertie FF 12,734
Dublin Mid West Curran, John FF 8,650
Dublin North Kennedy, Michael FF 10,880
Dublin North Central Bruton, Richard FG 9,303
Dublin North East Woods, Michael FF 7,003
Dublin North West Ahern, Noel FF 7,913
Dublin South Brennan, Seamus FF 13,373
Dublin South Central Ardagh, Sean FF 8,286
Dublin South East Andrews, Chris FF 6,600
Dublin South West Lenihan, Conor FF 8,542
Dublin West Lenihan, Brian FF 11,125
Dun Laoghaire Hanafin, Mary FF 11,884
Galway East Kitt, Michael FF 8,796
Galway West O’Cuiv, Eamonn FF 9,645
Kerry North Deenihan, Jimmy FG 12,697
Kerry South O’Donoghue, John FF 9,128
Kildare North Brady, Aine FF 11,245
Kildare South O’Feaghaill, Sean FF 8,731
Laois-Offaly Cowen, Brian FF 19,102
Limerick East O’Dea, Willie FF 19,082
Limerick West Collins, Niall FF 10,396
Longford-Westmeath Penrose, Willie LB 9,692
Louth Kirk, Seamus FF 10,190
Mayo Kenny, Enda FG 14,717
Meath East Wallace, Mary FF 10,901
Meath West Dempsey, Noel FF 12,006
Roscommon-South Leitrim Finneran, Michael FF 9,982
Sligo-North Leitrim Scanlon, Eamonn FF 9,258
Tipperary North Lowry, Michael IND 12,919
Tipperary South Hayes, Tom FG 8,200
Waterford Cullen, Martin FF 11,438
Wexford Browne, John FF 12,768
Wicklow Roche, Dick FF 10,246

In addition to the late Seamus Brennan, a number of the 2007 (all Fianna Fail!) poll toppers will not be contesting the 2011 election; Bertie Ahern, Michael Woods, Noel Ahern, Sean Ardagh, Brian Cowen, Mary Wallace, Noel Dempsey, Michael Finneran and Martin Cullen, while Seamus Kirk will not need to contest Louth due to his position as Ceann Comhairle. So 25 Fianna Fail poll-toppers from 2007 will be contesting this election, in addition to the five Fine Gael, one Labour and one Independent poll toppers.

It will be interesting to look at the fate of these 2007 poll toppers and see how many, if any, end up following on their poll-topping performance with a loss in the 2011 General Election.


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4 Responses to From poll toppers to poll droppers?

  1. Ryano says:

    Adrian, the poll topper in DSE in 2007 was actually Chris Andrews with 6,600 votes.

    • Aieee!!! He was indeed Ryan, well spotted. That’s been corrected now and the gremlin responsible for this mistake taken outside and summarily executed. Apologies to both Chris and Lucinda!

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