Tally Ho! Which local newspapers published tallies for the May 2015 elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 29th May 2015

As an electoral geographer, I am very interested in which local newspapers are publishing tallies for the Marriage Equality referendum and the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election contest in this week’s editions, or possibly in the following few weeks’ editions. When I refer to tallies/tally sheets I am of course NOT referring to constituency level/overall election results, but instead referring to documents that can show the number of votes that each candidate/the Yes and No sides won in each polling box in that constituency. These can give a very accurate sense then as to the geography of a party/candidates’s votes or the Yes/No votes within a particular constituency. These are the very lifeblood of Irish electoral geography. Here are the newspapers that I have come across so far – note that I am only including those newspapers that I have personally seen here…seeing is believing and all that…).

While I may analyse some of these figures for a later post, I absolutely will not be publishing any figures here as (a) that is plagiarism!, (b) people working for local newspapers have to eat too. So do buy the paper(s) if you want to see the figures.

Appearing in local newspapers in the week after the Marriage Equality and Presidential Candidate Age referendum contests and the Carlow-Kilkenny Dail by-election 

The Wexford People: Thanks to Frances Byrne for bringing this to my attention  – the level of detail in the Marriage Equality referendum tally figures in the Wexford People this week is excellent.

* Longford Leader: Really good coverage here, with a full Marriage Equality referendum tally set for all of the polling stations in Longford. This also provided electorate and turnout figures, as well as the Yes/No votes, for each of the stations

The Wicklow People: Again some excellent detail offered in this local newspaper in relation to the tally set provided for the Marriage Equality referendum vote in Wicklow County, with figures provided for each polling station in that county

* Limerick Leader – Very good detail offered here with a tally set for polling stations in Limerick City and County, which includes details on the number of Yes and No votes, as well as the number of spoilt votes.

* The Western People: The paper offers a Marriage Equality referendum  tally data set for all of the Mayo electoral areas (albeit with figures for some of the polling stations missing)

* The Westmeath Examiner: Full set of Marriage Equality referendum tally figures offered here, but this seems to be only for/mainly for the Mulligar Coole and Mullingar Kilbeggan electoral areas. No box by box tally figures for Athlone are offered here, although there is an Athlone electoral area figure

* The Kerryman: Tally figures for stations in the Kerry North-West Limerick constituency were published – as well as a selection (or “cross-section”) of tally figures for the Kerry South constituency. There was also an article discussing vote trends evident in the tally figures

* The Roscommon Herald: No full set of Marriage Equality referendum tally figures, with the Herald noting that were “very few tally people on the ground” at the count centre. The paper does give tally figures for some of the polling booths in Roscommon County, however

* The Leinster Leader: No full set of Marriage Equality referendum tally figures, but there is a Marriage Equality referendum tally map (by Tallyriffic) and some discussion of figures in different parts of the (Kildare) county.

* The Clare Herald online newspaper has a Marriage Equality referendum tally figures map including percentage Yes/No figures for most polling stations in County Clare 

* City Tribune: The newspaper (29th May edition) included Marriage Equality referendum tally figures for the Galway City area, but later noted that these figures “come with a major health warning” as most of the tallying was done by first-time tallymen from the Yes Equality campaign, while there was a “shortage of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael footsoldiers”, normally the more experienced tallymen.

* The Leitrim Observer: There was a partial tally in this newspaper for the North Leitrim area within the Sligo-North Leitrim constituency, as well as some discussion of the overall vote levels in Leitrim County

* The Galway Independent: No full set of Marriage Equality referendum tally figures, with the paper noting that no formal tally was taken at the Galway East count centre at New Inn. The paper does give tally figures for some of the Galway West polling booths, however

The Leinster Express: No tally figures. The paper’s coverage is titled “Yes side ‘overjoyed’ in empty count hall” and notes that only a handful of people were present at the count. This probably explains why there were no tallies here…

The Mayo News: No tally figures, although there is a short piece on the Yes/No vote on Inishbiggle island…

* Connacht Tribune: No tally figures, but reference to some figures for individual polling stations in Galway

* The Meath Chronicle: No tally figures

* Tipperary Star: No tally figures

* The Anglo Celt: No tally figures

* The Sligo Champion: No tally figures

* The Southern Star: No tally figures 

* Dundalk Democrat: No tally figures

* The Kilkenny People: No tally figures for by-election or for referendum contests – it does note some “vote returns” (tallies for a few candidates) for three of the Kilkenny polling stations

* The Carlow Nationalist:  No tally figures for by-election or for referendum contests

* The Carlow People:  No tally figures for by-election or for referendum contests

Reported by others (cases where I haven’t yet seen those papers)

* The Westmeath Independent: It is reported that this newspaper has “an almost 100% tally for the Athlone area” in Westmeath – meaning that a tally of most of Westmeath is available if this is taken in conjunction with the Westmeath Examiner tallies

* Donegal News: Alan McMenamin notes that an almost complete set of tallies for the Donegal constituencies was published in this paper


About Adrian Kavanagh

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3 Responses to Tally Ho! Which local newspapers published tallies for the May 2015 elections

  1. Jack says:

    Also the Leitrim Observer has limited tallies for the North-Leitrim section of the Sligo-North Leitrim constituency.

  2. Paul Culloty says:

    The Kerryman carried complete tallies for Kerry North-West Limerick, but only partial figures for Kerry South.

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