Local Election pages on different County/City Council websites

Adrian Kavanagh, 29th April 2019

This page/post aims to identify/provide links to webpages on different City Council and County Council websites, which provide useful information relevant to the upcoming Local Elections.

The level/range of information provided by these webpages seems to vary quite dramatically. Most, as of now, do seem to include “guides on postering” details, as well as details on how candidates can get nominated, but little more in some cases (where there is especially useful extra information/resources provided by a site/webpage, I’ll note this below). It is probably still very much early days (late April 2019), as of now, so the level on information on these webpages/websites is likely to increase over the coming weeks.


About Adrian Kavanagh

Lecturer at the Maynooth University Department of Geography. Email: adrian.p.kavanagh@mu.ie
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