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Female candidates contesting the 2019 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 16th October 2018 – post updated as and when new female candidates are added/female candidates withdraw. 314 female candidates contested the 2009 City and County Council elections, accounting for 17.2% of the total number of candidates. 404 female candidates contested the 2014 City … Continue reading

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“The Younger Ones”: 2019 Local Elections candidates aged between 18 and 35

Adrian Kavanagh, 16th October 2018 In a similar vein to earlier posts relating to the younger 2011 General Election candidates, 2014 Local Election candidates and 2016 General Election candidates, this page seeks to list the names, and party affiliations, of all … Continue reading

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The 2011 Presidential Election: A Geographical Overview

Adrian Kavanagh, 11th October 2018 There is always a “geography” to electoral support and turnout patterns and this was very much the case with the 2011 Presidential Election. This post will briefly review the geography of candidate support and voter … Continue reading

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“Time to go?”: Mixed messages across recent opinion polls, but Fine Gael still holds strong. Constituency-level analysis of the Irish Times-Ipsos MRBI (16th October) poll and other Autumn 2018 polls

Adrian Kavanagh, 16th October 2018 As the Electoral (Amendment) (Dáil Constituencies) Bill 2017 was officially passed into law just before Christmas 2017, the new Constituency Commission electoral boundaries are now used as the basis for the analysis. The translation of … Continue reading

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Non Party/Independent candidates for the 2019 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh,  First posted 9th October 2018, with updates to follow as I become aware of new candidate declarations.  This is the latest in my series of rolling blog posts, in which I detail the latest information as to candidate selections … Continue reading

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Does Size Matter? Reviewing the”Report on European Parliament Constituencies 2018″

Adrian Kavanagh, 24th September 2018 A new boundary report was published today by the Constituency Commission, outlining the new European Parliament election constituency boundaries that will be in place at the next European elections in May 2019. BREXIT and the … Continue reading

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TDs (32nd Dáil Éireann) who will not be contesting the next general election

Adrian Kavanagh, 10th August 2018 Following on similar posts that were completed ahead of the 2011 General Election and the 2016 General Election, this post will list all of the Dail deputies who have retired/stepped down during the lifetime of … Continue reading

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