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Friday’s Elections: Why Voting Matters

Adrian Kavanagh, 23rd May 2019 This year, local, European and referendum elections are taking place on Friday 24th May (TOMORROW!!!), while voters in Cork City, Waterford and Limerick also get to vote on a plebiscite on whether they will have a … Continue reading

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Local Elections 2019: What is the Most Competitive Constituency?

Adrian Kavanagh, 23rd May 2019 Before I get (possibly deserved) flak from people who are fighting tooth and nail for seats in constituencies that are deemed as “less competitive” here, please (i) accept my apologies in advance, (ii) note that … Continue reading

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Links to 2019 Local Elections Candidate Selection pages on this Website

Adrian Kavanagh, 21st May 2019 To make it easier for readers to access all the pages relating to candidate selections for the (upcoming) 2019 City and County Council elections quickly, I will list all the relevant pages in this posts. … Continue reading

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Political Reform in Ireland: My Personal Electoral and Political Reform Agenda

Adrian Kavanagh, 20th May 2019 As we approach the upcoming local, European and referendum elections on May 24th and as this is “Elections Week” for the Geographical Society of Ireland’s Year of Geography series, I have decided to mark both … Continue reading

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Local Election pages on different County/City Council websites

Adrian Kavanagh, 29th April 2019 This page/post aims to identify/provide links to webpages on different City Council and County Council websites, which provide useful information relevant to the upcoming Local Elections. The level/range of information provided by these webpages seems … Continue reading

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2019 Local Elections candidate selections for the “Other” political parties/groupings

Adrian Kavanagh, 19th March 2019 The groups/parties listed here are smaller parties that had – at least by the middle of March 2019 – selected only a relatively small number of Local Elections 2019 candidates, including Aontú, the Workers Party, … Continue reading

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2019 European Election candidates: An Overview

In this post, I will be detailing the names of the candidates for May’s European Elections contests (in the Republic of Ireland) by constituency. As new candidates are confirmed between now and the election itself – and as son as … Continue reading

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