Candidates for the next (2017-2021) General Election by constituency

Adrian Kavanagh (First posted on 19th April 2017 – this post will be updated as and when new candidates are selected/declared)

The run in to the next general election, which can take place at any stage over the next four years, has officially commenced given that the Labour Party has now started the process of selecting their candidates for the next general election contest, commencing with the selection of Ged Nash as their candidate for the Louth constituency on 12th April 2017. (See this post for a list of the candidate for the 2016 General Election and an analysis of candidate selection trends ahead of this contest.)

This post will track all candidate selections or candidate declarations, with respect to the next general election, as and when these happen (and I become aware of them!). This will also take account of the fact that there might be changes to Dail constituencies between now and the next general election, but only if the report of the 2017 Constituency Commission is put into law by a new Electoral Act before the next general election takes place. Until the 2017 Constituency Commission report is officially enacted, this post will assume that general election constituencies (and their seat numbers) will remain the same as for the February 2016 General Election.

As of now (as far as I am aware), candidates have been selected to contest the next general election, or have – in the case of independents – declared their intention to contest the next general election. of these candidates are women (50.0%) and of these candidates are men (50.0%).

Carlow-Kilkenny (5 seats):

Cavan-Monaghan (4 seats):

Clare (4 seats):

Cork East (4 seats):

Cork North-Central (4 seats):

Cork North-West (3 seats):

Cork South-Central (4 seats):

Cork South-West (3 seats):

Donegal (5 seats):

Dublin Central (3 seats):

Dublin Mid-West (4 seats):

Dublin Fingal (5 seats):

Dublin Bay North (5 seats):

Dublin North-West (3 seats): Cllr. Andrew Montague (LAB)

Cllr. Andrew Montague was selected as the Labour Party for the Dublin North-West constituency at a selection convention on 18th April 2017. This convention was not contested. 

Dublin Rathdown (3 seats):

Dublin South-Central (4 seats): Cllr. Rebecca Moynihan (LAB)

Cllr. Rebecca Moynihan was selected as the Labour Party for the Dublin South-Central constituency at a selection convention on 18th April 2017. This convention was not contested. 

Dublin Bay South (4 seats):

Dublin South-West (5 seats):

Dublin West (4 seats):

Dun Laoghaire (4 seats): Cllr. Deirdre Kingston (LAB)

Cllr. Deirdre Kingston was selected as the Labour Party for the Dun Laoghaire constituency at a selection convention on 19th April 2017. This convention was not contested. 

Galway East (3 seats):

Galway West (5 seats):

A review of potential general election candidates for Galway West in the Galway Advertiser (20th April 2017) reports that Cllr. Peter Keane and John Connolly, who ran in 2016, are likely to be contesting the Fianna Fail nomination to run alongside Eamon O Cuiv in this constituency as the party’s Galway City-based candidate, with a third candidate expected to be running from the Oranmore area. The account also speculates that Cllr. Nial McNeilis will be asked to run for Labour in this constituency, while it also notes that some local Sinn Fein party members would like to see Cllr. Mairead Farrell join Senator Trevor O Clocharthaigh on the Sinn Fein ticket for the next general election.

Kerry (5 seats):

Kildare North (4 seats):

Kildare South (3* seats – effectively 3 seats due to automatic re-election of the Ceann Comhairle, Seán Ó Fearghaíl):

Laois (3 seats):  

The Leinster Express (19th March 2017) reported on a speech by micheal Martin in Durrow where he announced that Fianna Fail would be targeting a second seat in Laois at the next general election.  

As reported by (1st March 2017), the Laois branch of the Labour Party have started the process of planning for the next general election and have announced their intention to field a candidate in this contest. 

Offaly (3 seats):

Limerick City (4 seats):

Limerick County (3 seats):

Longford-Westmeath (4 seats):

The Longford Leader (7th November 2016) reported that Fine Gael intended to hold a “Declaration Convention” on 21st November in the Longford Arms Hotel to start the process of selecting a Longford candidate, with the intention of holding a selection convention in early 2017. 

A report in the Longford Leader (8th March 2017) notes that Pat O’Rourke and Seamus Butler intend to once again contest the Fianna Fail selection convention for the Longford part of the constituency. The article also reports that the party candidate in 2016 General Election, Connie Gerrety-Quinn, and Joe Flaherty may also contest this. 

Louth (5 seats):  Sen. Ged Nash (LAB)

As reported by the Dundalk Democrat (13th April 2017), Senator Ged Nash was selected as the Labour Party for the Louth constituency at a selection convention on 12th April 2017. This convention was not contested. 

Mayo (4 seats):

Meath East (3 seats):

Meath West (3 seats):

Roscommon-Galway (3 seats):

Sligo-Leitrim (4 seats):

Tipperary (5 seats):

Waterford (4 seats):

The Irish Times (1st February 2017) has reported that hospital campaigners are considering running a candidate in this constituency at the next general election over the issue of cardiac services in University Hospital Waterford. 

Wexford (5 seats):

Wicklow (5 seats):

I currently estimate that there are 4 officially selected/declared general election candidates so far, based on the information that I’ve managed to attain.

The number of candidates selected by parties and political groupings (to date) are also outlined here, with web links to the official website candidate pages to be provided for these parties/groups in cases where these exist:

of these are Non Party/Independent candidates

of these are Fine Gael candidates

of these are Fianna Fail candidates

of these are Sinn Fein candidates

of these are Labour Party candidates (2 (50.0%) female candidates, 2 (50.0%) male candidates) – 4 (out of 40) selection conventions completed

of these are Solidarity candidates

of these are People Before Profit Alliance candidates

of these are Green Party candidates

of these are Renua Ireland candidates

of these are Direct Democracy Ireland candidates

of these are Fis Nua candidates




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