New Irish (Non-Irish/UK nationals) candidates contesting the 2019 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 30th October 2018

This post will attempt to list all of the “New Irish”, or Non-Irish/UK national, candidates who have been officially selected to contest the local elections in May 2019, or else have declared their intentions to contest these elections as independent candidates. For the purposes of this post, the definition of “New Irish” includes people who were born outside Ireland and who were not Irish (or UK) citizens before moving to the Republic Ireland. This post will include candidates who subsequently gained Irish citizenship on moving to, or after moving to, the Republic of Ireland as is the case for a number of the candidates listed here.

At present (as of 28th May 2019) I can account for fifty three candidates in this group (2.7% of the total number of selected/declared local election candidates), including twenty female candidates (32.7%) and thirty three males (62.3%) candidates.

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A Geography of Voting at the 2018 Presidential Election

Adrian Kavanagh, 30th October 2018

There is always a “geography” to electoral support and turnout patterns and this was very much the case with the 2018 Presidential Election. This contest saw a number of records being set in terms of voting patterns at a presidential election; the lowest ever voter turnout level (43.9%), the highest ever number of first preference votes won by a candidate (but not the highest ever vote share) and the lowest ever number of first preference votes (and lowest vote share) won by a candidate.  Continue reading

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City and County Councillors who will be stepping down at (not contesting) the 2019 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh 18th October 2018

This post lists all of the City/County Councillors who will be retiring at the May 24th 2019 Local Elections – as opposed to the version of this post for 2014 elections, it will not list the names of Councillors who retired/stood down at an earlier date (and who have by this stage been replaced by a co-option from their party or group) as this information is covered in another, earlier post. This list will only include the names of incumbents who contested Local Elections 2019 selection conventions for their political parties and failed to win nominations at these if these Councillors subsequently announce their retirements after such convention defeats.  Continue reading

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Fine Gael candidates for the 2019 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, First posted 17th October 2018, with updates as new candidate nominations announced. Any links in this post are to online announcements of candidate selections – there will be no specific links to candidate webpages.

The fourth of my series of rolling blog posts, in which I detail the latest information as to candidate selections relating to the different political parties and grouping and/or candidate declarations (as in the case of the non-party grouping). The rule of thumb here is that I will add party candidates in most cases only after they have been officially selected to run for the party at a selection convention or by some other means of candidate selection. I try my best to find information about local election candidate selection conventions. However, in some cases this information is hard to find and occasionally it can be some time after a convention takes place before I find this information and hence am in a position to update this page accordingly.

The post will focus on Fine Gael candidate selections ahead of the 2019 City and County Council elections. 

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Female candidates contesting the 2019 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 16th October 2018 – post updated as and when new female candidates are added/female candidates withdraw.

314 female candidates contested the 2009 City and County Council elections, accounting for 17.2% of the total number of candidates. 440 female candidates contested the 2014 City and County Council elections, accounting for 21.6% of the total number of candidates contesting those elections.

For the 2019 elections, given that gender quotas were introduced the 2016 General Election, the expectation might be that even more female candidates will be contesting these City and County Council elections. Against that, the likely impact of smaller constituency units (with fewer seats per constituency) for the 2019 elections (relative to the 2014 contests) may act as a disincentive to new, female, candidates, or may limit the number of candidates being selected by political parties at selection conventions, thus preventing a number of new, female, candidates from getting onto party tickets.

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“The Younger Ones”: 2019 Local Elections candidates aged between 18 and 35

Adrian Kavanagh, 16th October 2018

In a similar vein to earlier posts relating to the younger 2011 General Election candidates, 2014 Local Election candidates and 2016 General Election candidates, this page seeks to list the names, and party affiliations, of all the 2019 Local Elections candidates whose ages will still fall in the 18-35 years age category at the time that the 2019 elections take place (24th May 2019).

Candidates whose ages fall in the 18-30 years category will be denoted by a * beside their names.

Please note that this is likely to prove to be an incomplete list of the names of the younger local election candidates, mainly due to the difficulties faced in terms of accessing accurate age information for candidates in a large number of cases. Given the large number of candidates involved at local elections and the difficulties involved in getting age details for some candidates, the likelihood is that I will miss out on some names that should be included here but I will do my best to ensure this list is as accurate as possible.

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The 2011 Presidential Election: A Geographical Overview

Adrian Kavanagh, 11th October 2018

There is always a “geography” to electoral support and turnout patterns and this was very much the case with the 2011 Presidential Election. This post will briefly review the geography of candidate support and voter turnout at this contest, with a look ahead to the upcoming presidential election contest on 26th October 2018. Continue reading

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“Time to go?”: Mixed messages across recent opinion polls, but Fine Gael still holds strong. Constituency-level analysis of the Irish Times-Ipsos MRBI (16th October) poll and other Autumn 2018 polls

Adrian Kavanagh, 16th October 2018

As the Electoral (Amendment) (Dáil Constituencies) Bill 2017 was officially passed into law just before Christmas 2017, the new Constituency Commission electoral boundaries are now used as the basis for the analysis. The translation of 2016 support figures onto these new constituency units is not a perfect one, alas, given the lack of tally figures in some cases (e.g. Laois, Offaly and Kildare constituencies) or the lack of time to carry out the necessary background analyses in other cases (e.g. constituencies in the West and North West). Where it has been possible to take account of tally figures, the constituency support estimates are based on the votes cast in the new constituency units in those cases.


The early opinion polls in 2018 offered very good news for Fine Gael. The party has dropped back somewhat in some of the opinion polls carried out across the Summer and Autumn of 2018, but Fine Gael still remains the strongest party in the state by a distance of a number of percentage points over Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin, although the extent of the Fine Gael lead over Fianna Fáil varies notably between polls, as also does the estimate of the Sinn Féin support level. Tat being said, the combined vote Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil vote share across all of these polls has generally averaged out around the 60% level. This, admittedly, represents a lower support level than the combined vote levels commanded by these parties before the onset of the Economic Crisis in 2008, but these poll figures seem to mark another stage in the recovery of the “Civil War” parties, given that the two parties won less than half of the votes cast nationally at the 2016 General Election. Is the old “Civil War” politics model on the way back? Maybe, maybe not… However, it must be noted that when the other “Civil War” party, Sinn Féin, is factored in the combined support levels for the “Civil War parties” comes in at 82% in the latest Irish Times-Ipsos MRBI poll – up by around eighteen percent on the combined support levels won by these three parties at the 2016 election. As the larger parties advance, the smaller parties and Independents all fall back, while the Labour Party support levels have tended to remain lower (especially in certain polls) than the already very low levels of support won by that party at the 2016 General Election.   Continue reading

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Non Party/Independent candidates for the 2019 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh,  First posted 9th October 2018, with updates to follow as I become aware of new candidate declarations. 

This is the latest in my series of rolling blog posts, in which I detail the latest information as to candidate selections relating to the different political parties and grouping and/or candidate declarations (as in the case of the non-party grouping) ahead of the 2019 City and County Council elections. This post will focus on non-party/independent candidates.Back in June 2014, the non-party/independents grouping accounted for one hundred and ninety four City/County Councillors, following on a very successful set of election contests for non-party candidates at the 2014 Local Elections. Due to various defections to the non-party ranks from different political parties over the following months and years, the number of Independent/Non-Party City/County Councillors (as of 26th April 2019) has climbed to two hundred and thirteen, according to my best estimates.

As of now (7th June 2019), there are four hundred and ninety seven non party/independent candidates listed here (a number of the listed candidates contested two electoral areas).

Ninety six of these candidates are women (19.3%) and four hundred and one (80.7%) are men.

This list includes fourteen Indepdendent4Change candidates – eight (57.1%) of these candidates are female (Cllr. Ruth Nolan is contesting two electoral areas).

(The relatively low number of candidates listed here up until the updated posts in early May 2019 merely reflected the fact that information about non party/independent candidate declarations can often be very hard to find, especially as there is no formal selection convention process involved here. In a large number of cases, information about some independent/non party candidate declarations may only emerge after the formal period of candidate nominations has closed and the official candidate lists for the different electoral areas been drawn up.)

One hundred and seventy seven(35.7%) of these declared non-party candidates are currently incumbents (City/County Council members). 35.0% of male Independent local election candidates are incumbents, as opposed to 38.5% of female Independent candidates. At least twenty two (4.4%) other candidates have previously held some form of electoral office.

The non party/independent candidates who are contesting these elections include the following people (Please note that, as in the other similar posts, any links that are provided here are to posts/newspaper reports offering “evidence” of their candidatures and will not link back to candidate websites.):

Independent/Non-Party candidate
CarlowCllr. John Cassin, Bernard Jennings
TullowCllr. Charlie Murphy, Billy Nolan
MuinebeagDavid O’Brien
Brendan Fay
EnnisCllr. Ann Norton, Amanda Major, Dermot Hayes,
Alfonso D’Auria, Frank “Pinky” Cullinan,
Andre Hakizimana
KillaloeJoe Floyd
ShannonCllr. Gerry Flynn, Cllr. PJ Ryan, Cllr. Michael Begley
KilrushCllr. Ian Lynch, Noreen Lynch, Joseph Woulfe
CarrigalineCllr. Marcia D’Alton, Ben Dalton O’Sullivan
Cllr. Alan Coleman, Cormac Hayes, Pat O’Regan
MacroomNigel Dennehy, Martin Coughlan, Mary O’Callaghan Hallissey
CobhSeán O’Connor, Karen Doyle Independent4Change,
Peter Kidney
MidletonCllr. Mary Linehan Foley, Martin E. Murray,
Noel Collins
KanturkAdo Mazombe
BantryCllr. Danny Collins, Finbarr Harrington
Cllr. Declan Hurley, Brendan McCormack
Cork City
Cork City
North East
Cllr. Ger Keohane, Sean O’Sullivan,
Mobolaji Taiwo Ajisafe, Noreen Murphy
Cork City
North West
Cllr. Kevin Conway, Joe O’Callaghan, Sandra Condon,
Timothy J. Hogan
Cork City
Cllr. Paudie Dineen, Cllr. Mick Finn,
Lekha Menon Margassery, Sean Cronin,
Ciaran Kenneally, Suzanne Hegarty, Graham O’Shea, Maurice Sexton
Cork City
South East
Cllr. Kieran McCarthy
Cork City
South West
Cllr. Thomas Moloney
DonegalValerie McNulty, Cllr. Tom Conaghan,
Cllr. Seamus Maguire, Billy Grimes,
Diarmaid Doherty, Justin Coughlin,
Cllr. Niamh Kennedy, Sean O’Beirne,
Pauric Kennedy
GlentiesCllr. Micheál Cholm MacGiolla Easbuig, Liam Whyte
MilfordCllr. Ian McGarvey, Cllr. John O’Donnell,
Declan Meehan, Charlie McGinley
BuncranaCllr. Nicholas Crossan, Sinéad Stewart,
Frankie Lavelle, Mark McKinney
LetterkennyCllr. Michael McBride, Cathal MacFhloinn,
Finnian O’Donnell, Thoiba Ahmed,
Kevin Bradley, Charlie McClafferty
CarndonaghArthur Desmond McGuinness
Alan McMenamin, Michael De Ward
Dublin City
Cllr. Vincent Jackson, Richard Murray,
Robert Michael Foley,
Nicky Uzell Independent4Change
Cllr. Noeleen Reilly, Diarmuid MacDubhghlais,
Bernie Hughes Independents4Change, Linda Greene, Lucy O’Connor
Cllr. John Lyons, Cllr. Paddy Bourke, Paul Clarke
DonaghmedeNiamh McDonald
Cllr. Cieran Perry,
Micheál Kelliher Independents4Change,
Stephen O’Loughlin, Seán McCabe,
Sarah Louise Mulligan
ClontarfCllr. Damian O Farrell, Michael Paul Burke
Cllr. Ruari McGinley,
Cllr. Pat Dunne Independents4Change,
Samantha Long, Sarah Lipsett, Garrett McCafferty
North Inner
Cllr. Christy Burke, Cllr. Nial Ring, Anthony Flynn,
Neil Armstrong, Marius Marosan,
Joseph McGucken, Marcin Czechowicz,
S.G. Raja Sekhar Reddy
South West
Inner City
Patrick Coyne
South East
Inner City
Cllr. Mannix Flynn,
Cllr. Sonya Stapleton Independents4Change
PembrokeSimon Cox
BlackrockReji Chacko Jacob
Cllr. Michael Merrigan
DundrumCllr. Anne Colgan, Cllr. Seamas O’Neill,
Sean McLoughlin
Cllr. Kevin Daly, Cllr. Lynsey McGovern,
Michael Fleming
Sandra Archer
StillorganCllr. Deirdre Donnelly, Gearóid O Keeffe
BalbrigganCllr. Grainne Maguire, Cllr. Tony Murphy,
Martin Hughes
Rush LuskCllr. Cathal Boland, Roslyn Fuller, Eóin Corcoran,
Sandra Sweetman, Glenn Brady, Davin Browne
CastleknockKevin Mullally
Cllr. Jimmy Guerin, Tom Daly
Cllr. Lorna Nolan, Aran Smeallie,
Robert Loughlin, Marius Marosan
OngarCllr. Tania Doyle, Raghu Nath Narayanam,
Ramesh Racherla
SwordsCllr. Joe Newman, Duane Michael Brown,
Dean Mulligan Independent4Change
James Fitzpatrick, Paul Uzo,
Fergal O’Connell
ClondalkinCllr. Francis Timmons, Shakeel Jeeroburkan, Eoin Ó Broin, David Moore Independent4Change
Alan Hayes, Cllr. Gus O’Connell,
Cllr. Ruth Nolan Independent4Change
Sikandar Jahanzab, Cllr. Paul Gogarty
LucanCllr. Liona O’Toole,
Cllr. Ruth Nolan Independent4Change,
Cllr. Paul Gogarty, Anwar Malik
Cllr. Mick Duff
Ray Kelly
Cllr. Ronan McMahon
Firhouse-BohernabreenaAlan Edge
Galway City

Cllr. Colette Connolly, Cllr. Mike Cubbard,
Mike Geraghty, Patrick Feeney, , James O’Toole,
Daragh O’Flaherty
Galway City
Cllr. Noel Larkin, Cllr. Declan McDonnell,
Cllr. Terry O’Flaherty, Pat Hardiman, Michael Tully
Galway City
Cllr. Donal Lyons, Marc Anderson, Darius Ivan,
Marian Maloney, Patrick Feeney, Claire Keegan,
Tommy Roddy
Cllr. James Charity, Cllr. Gabe Cronnelly,
Cllr. Jim Cuddy, Josette Farrell
Geraldine Donohue, Declan Diviney,
Hubert Geoghegan, Cormac MacGowan Independent4Change
BallinasloeCllr. Timmy Broderick, Aisling Dolan,
Declan Geraghty, Harriet Bruce
Cllr. Tom Welby, Josie Conneely,
Críostóir Breathnach
Cllr. Tomás Ó Curraoin, Críostóir Breathnach, Patrick Feeney
LoughreaCllr. Pat Hynes, Eoin Madden
TuamCllr. Karey McHugh, Cllr. Shaun Cunniffe,
Cllr. Billy Conneelly, Thomas (T.P.) Niland,
Dermot Ryan
KillarneyCllr. Maura Healy-Rae, Cllr. Michael Gleeson KIA,
Cllr. Brendan Cronin, Cllr. Donal Grady,
Niall Botty O’Callaghan
ListowelMichael Pixie O’Gorman, John Martin O’Sullivan
An DaingeanDavid Russell
KenmareCllr. Johnny Healy-Rae, Cllr. Dan McCarthy
CastleislandJackie Healy-Rae Junior, Charlie Farrelly
TraleeCllr. Sam Locke, Yvonne Dineen, Ted Cronin, Denis O’Reilly
AthyTony McNamee
CelbridgeCllr. Brendan Young, Cllr. Íde Cussen, Tony Murray, Michael Beirne, Peter Kavanagh
LeixlipCllr. Anthony Larkin, Michael Reidy, Sean Gill
MaynoothCllr. Teresa Murray, John Reid
ClaneCllr. Padraig McEvoy, Tomas Hogan
KildareDeclan Crowe
NewbridgeCllr. Fiona McLoughlin Healy, Cllr. Morgan McCabe, Gerard Delaney
NaasCllr. Sorcha O’Neill, Cllr. Seamie Moore,
Gerard Dunne
KilkennyLuke O’Connor, Eugene McGuinness,
Enya Kennedy, Noel Gerard Walsh
Trish Finegan, Cllr. Breda Gardner,
Michael McGrath, John Kelly, John Carroll
PiltownCllr. Melissa O’Neill, Alan Curran
Borris in
Cllr. James Kelly, Cllr. Brendan Phelan,
Oliver Clooney, Brian Furlong, Ger Hogan
Graiguecullen-PortarlingtonCllr. Ben Brennan
PortlaoiseNaeem Iqbal, Tom Duffy, Judy Preston-Grace,
BallinamoreCllr. Gerry Dolan, Sean Wynne, Denis O’Brien
Carrick-on-ShannonCllr. Enda Stenson, Cllr. Des Guckian,
Yvonne Hollidge
, Sean Wynne , Denis O’Brien
ManorhamiltonCllr. Felim Gurn, Jamie Murphy
City East
Noel Hannan, Derek Mulcahy, Diarmuid Ryan
City North
Cllr. Frankie Daly, Kevin Kiely, Ruth Clarke,
Des Hayes, Dean Quinn
City West
Cllr. John Loftus, Mark Carey, Cathal McCarthy,
Sunnymartins Duruagwu, Fergus Kilcoyne,
Jamie Morrisey, Jim Long
Cllr. Emmett O’Brien, Cllr. Richard O’Donoghue
Cllr. Brigid Teefy, PJ Carey
Christy Kelly, Sean O’Mahony
BallymahonCllr. Mark Casey, Tony Moran, PJ Walsh,
Charlie McMonagle
GranardTurlough Pott McGovern, Grace Kearney
LongfordCllr. Mae Sexton, Cllr. Gerry Warnock, Julia O’Reilly
Tony Reilly, Seamus Gallagher, George Breaden
ArdeeCllr. Jim Tenanty, Hugh D Conlon, Enda Murray,
Albert D. Byrne, Kevin Carroll
Cllr. Kevin Callan, Cllr. Frank Godfrey,
Paddy McQuillan
Cllr. Kevin Callan, Cllr. Frank Godfrey
Cllr. Maeve Yore, Oliver Morgan
BallinaCllr. Seamus Weir, Mark Duffy, Willie Nolan
CastlebarCllr. Michael Kilcoyne,
Harry Barrett, Gerry Loftus,
Antoin Mac An Bheatha (Anthony Vesey)
Aidan Crowley
ClaremorrisCllr. Richard Finn
SwinfordSean Forkin
BelmulletJay Heneghan
WestportCllr. Christy Hyland, Darragh McGee,
John O’Malley, Frank McAlonan
AshbourneCllr. Joe Bonner, Cllr. Sharon Keogan
KellsCllr. David Gilroy
Cllr. Sharon Keogan, Cllr. Tom Kelly, Patrick Smith
NavanCllr. Francis Deane, Cllr. Wayne Forde, Alan Lawes,
Stephen Ball
RatoathCllr. Brian Fitzgerald, Cllr. Nick Killian,
Fergus O’Riordan, Cllr. Gillian Toole, Seán Henry
TrimCllr. Trevor Golden
Cllr. Hughie McElvaney
MonaghanCllr. Paudge Connolly, Cllr. Seamus Treanor,
Tommy Hagan, Alvin McGlone, Paddy Grenham,
James Mee
BirrCllr. John Carroll, Joe Wynne, Habibul Mukhtiar
EdenderryCllr. John Foley, Fergus McDonnell
TullamoreSean O’Brien, John Bracken
Athlone (Roscommon)Cllr. Ivan Connaughton, Cllr. Tony Ward,
Cllr. Laurence Fallon, Donal Kilduff, Derek McCabe
BoyleCllr. Valerie Byrne HAC, Tom Crosby,
Sajjad Hussain, Mary O’Donnell
RoscommonCllr. Kathleen Shanagher, Cllr. Nigel Dineen,
Cllr. Domnick Connolly, Tony Waldron,
Padraig Morris, John Groarke
Cllr. Joe Queenan, Cllr. Michael Clarke,
Barry Gallagher, Willie Gormley
Cllr. Marie Casserly, Amanda Gallagher,
Corey Whyte Independents4Change
Cllr. Declan Bree Independents4Change,
Jimmy McGarry
Cllr. Michael O’Meara, Pierce O’Loughlin
CahirCllr. Andy Maloney, Cllr. Martin Lonergan,
Máirín McGrath
Annemarie Ryan March4Tipp,
Lisa Flynn March4Tipp, Barry Walsh March4Tipp
ClonmelCllr. Richie Molloy, Niall P. Dennehy
NenaghCllr. Seamus Morris, Cllr. Joe Hannigan,
Cllr. Michael O’Meara (LT – “Lowry Team”),
Cllr. Hughie McGrath, Graham King
NewportJohn “Rocky” McGrath (LT)
Cllr. Eddie Moran (LT), Shane Lee (LT),
Tommy Murphy,
ThurlesCllr. David Doran, Cllr. Michael Lowry (LT),
Cllr. Jim Ryan, Tommy Barrett, Michael Bracken,
Catherine Fogarty
City East
Cllr. Davy Daniels, Cllr. Matt Shanahan,
Michael Garland, Lee Walsh
City South
Cllr. Sean Reinhardt, Cllr. Cha O’Neill,
Andrew Power, Donal Barry, Vivienne Burns,
Brendan Byrne
City West
Cllr. Joe Conway, Cllr. Blaise Hannigan,
Cllr. Joe Kelly, Brendan Byrne
Portlaw-KilmacthomasAnn Troy, Dolores Whelan
DungarvanCllr. Séamus O’Donnell, Caren Hallahan,
Ciara Langan, Joe O’Riordan
Cllr. Paul Hogan (Boxer’s Independent Team – BIT),
Cllr. Michael O’Brien (BIT), Jamie Moran (BIT)
Imelda Geraghty, Donal Jackson, PJ Coghill
MoateCllr. Michael O’Brien, Searlait Cabdi Ní Chianáin
MullingarCllr. Mick Dollard, Chris Murtagh, Alice McDonnell,
Sean Lynch
KinnegadCllr. Úna D’Arcy
GoreyJimmy Fleming
Cllr. Mary Farrell
EnniscorthyCllr. John O’Rourke, Jackser Owens,
Annette Byrne-Moran Independents4Change,
John “Texas” Byrne
New RossCllr. Anthony Connick, John Dwyer, Pat Barden
Cllr. Ger Carthy, Terry Lawton,
Jane Johnstone Independents4Change
WexfordCllr. David Hynes, Leonard Kelly
ArklowCllr. Mary McDonald, Cllr. Miriam Murphy,
Tommy Breen, Pier Leonard, Pat Hoey
BaltinglassCllr. Gerry O’Neill, Lorraine O’Brien
Bray EastMalachai Duddy, Brendan Murphy
Bray WestCllr. Joe Behan, Rory O’Connor
GreystonesCllr. Tom Fortune, Mags Crean, Charlie Keddy
WicklowCllr. Mary Kavanagh, Cllr. John Snell,
Jimmy O’Shaughnessy, Daire Fitzgerald

I will be adding to this list as and when I come across further declarations of intentions to contest these elections on the part of other non-party candidates. This cohort of candidates often tends to be the hardest to glean information on, so this list may not be as up to date/accurate as the similar posts for the different parties.

An article by Siún Lennon on the Laois Today website (5th November 2018) reported that Cllrs. James Kelly and Ben Brennan both intend to contest the 2019 Local elections.

Corey Whyte will contest the election in Sligo-Drumcliff, as reported in the Sligo Champion (11th December 2018). As reported in the Tuam Herald (14th December 2018), Cllr. James Charity has confirmed his intention to contest the next local elections in Athenry-Oranmore. Cllr. Gabe Cronnelly, as reported in the Galway Advertiser (3rd January 2019), has also announced his intention to contest that same electoral area. As reported by the Donegal Democrat (13th December 2018), Cllr. Tom Conaghan (of Donegal Town) announced his intention to contest the next local elections.

An Evening Echo (12th December 2018) report noted that Cllr. Ger Keohane – elected in Cobh for Sinn Féin in 2014 – will be contesting the Cork City North East electoral area.

The Donegal Democrat (10th January) has reported that Brian Carr, who previously contested the 2014 elections, “is set to contest the upcoming elections”.

As reported on the Radio Kerry website (13th January 2018), David Russell, who works closely with Deputy Michael Healy-Rae, will contest the An Daingean electoral area.

As reported on the Midlands 103 website (14th January 2019), Cllr. Mick Dollard announced in January 2019 that he was leaving the Labour Party and would be contesting the next local elections as an independent candidate.

Former Councillor, John Dwyer, has announced his intention to try and regain his seat in the New Ross electoral area, as reported in the new Ross Standard (12th January 2019).

As reported on the Drogheda Life website (16th January 2019), Cllr. Kevin Callan has announced his intention to contest both the Drogheda Rural and Drogheda Urban electoral areas.

Yvonne Hollidge will be contesting the Carrick on Shannon electoral area as a non-party candidate, as reported in the Leitrim Observer (29th January 2019).

As reported in the Donegal Democrat (7th February 2019), former Fianna Fáil Ballyshannon Town Councillor, Billy Grimes, will be contesting the Donegal (Town) electoral area as an independent candidate. That edition of the Donegal Democrat also reports that former Bundoran Town Councillor, Diarmaid Doherty, will also be contesting the Donegal electoral area as a non-party candidate.

TJ Hogan announced he was going to contest the Cork City North West electoral area in December 2018, but later withdrew from the contest on personal reasons, as reported on the Evening Echo website.

Cllr. Margaret Gormley has announced her intention to contest Ballymore-Tobercurry again, but she sadly passed away on 4th April 2019. As noted on the Ocean FM website (23rd April 2019), her nephew, Willie Gormley, will now contest that electoral area as an independent candidate.

It had been expected that Rotimi Adebari, the first “New Irish” candidate to win a seat in a City and County Council election (in Portlaoise in 2014) would be contesting the election, as was reported by Laois Today (4th Febryary 2019), but he has now stated that it is “unlikely” that he will contest the elections (Leinster Express, 29th April 2019). Ger Hogan, who had announced his intention to contest Borris in Ossory-Mountmellick in February 2019 (via Laois Today, 25th February 2019), seemed to have withdrawn from the contest in the week before the close of nominations, but subsequently did appear on the ballot paper.

Paul Brophy had announced his intention to run in Kilkenny City, but withdrew from the election a few days ahead of the close of moniations, as reported by the Kilkenny People (3rd May 2019).

Gerry O’Boyle announced his intention to contest the Roscommon electoral areas, but did not subsequently appear on the ballot paper.

Claire Cullen-Delsol had announced her intention to contest Waterford City South, but did not subsequently appear on the ballot paper.

Anna Doyle had announced her intention to contest Wicklow (Town), but did not subsequently appear on the ballot paper.

Aidan Quigley had announced his intention to contest New Ross, but did not subsequently appear on the ballot paper.

Thomas Kelly, had declared his intention to contest Manorhamilton, but did not subsequently appear on the ballot paper for that electoral area.

Derek Doyle had announced his intention to contest South East Inner City, but did not appear on the final ballot paper.

Karl Mooney had announced his intention to contest the Rush Lusk electoral area, but did not appear on the final ballot paper.

Barry Mooney had announced his intention to contest the Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart electoral area, but did not appear on the final ballot paper.

Ian Croft and Derek Cryan had announced their intention to contest the Swords electoral area, but did not appear on the final ballot paper.

Sean F Ó Drisceoil had announced his intention to contest the Conamara South electoral area, but did not appear on the final ballot paper.

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Does Size Matter? Reviewing the”Report on European Parliament Constituencies 2018″

Adrian Kavanagh, 24th September 2018

A new boundary report was published today by the Constituency Commission, outlining the new European Parliament election constituency boundaries that will be in place at the next European elections in May 2019. BREXIT and the subsequent surrender of the United Kingdom’s European Parliament seats has led to the Republic of Ireland gaining an extra two seats in that Parliament. This report redrew the Irish election constituencies, taking those two added seats into account.

The main changes made by the Commission may be viewed in this image below:


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