Candidates for the 2019 Dáil By-Elections: An Overview

Adrian Kavanagh, 12th September 2019

In the May 2019 European Elections Deputies Clare Daly and Frances Fitzgerald won seats in the Dublin constituency, while Deputies Mick Wallace and Billy Kelleher won seats in the South constituency. This means that their seats in the Dublin Fingal, Dublin Mid-West, Wexford and Cork North-Central Dáil constituencies are now vacant and would need to be filled by a by-election in each of these constituencies before the end of the year, unless a General Election was called in the intervening period. On 7th November 2019 it was announced that these by-election contests would take place on Friday 29th November 2019.

In this post, I will be detailing the names of the candidates who have been selected to contest the Dáil by-elections in these constituencies

Currently there are forty six candidates listed here – fifteen are female (32.6%) and thirty one are male (67.4%). This list includes three Senators (6.5%) and nineteen City/County Councillors (41.3%), including three former Dáil deputies.

As of now, there are 13 candidates listed here as contesting the Dublin Mid-West constituency, with 12 candidates listed as contesting Cork North-Central, 12 candidates listed as contesting Dublin Fingal and 9 candidates listed as contesting Wexford.

As and when new candidates are confirmed between now and these elections – and as soon as possible after I become aware of this information – I will be updating this post to include their names.

Any links that are provided here will be solely to newspaper/media coverage that “prove” that a certain candidate has been selected. There will be no direct links to candidate home pages and other social media accounts, as well as to political party home pages.

As far as I can glean, Kellie Sweeney and Dean Mulligan are the youngest candidates contesting these by-election contests. Eight of the currently selected/declared candidates (20.0%) could be classified as “young(er)” candidates – i.e. aged between 18 and 35, including Kellie Sweeney, Peter Kavanagh, Emer Higgins and Shane Moynihan (all of whom are contesting Dublin Mid West), as well as Padraig O’Sullivan, Sinéad Halpin and Fiona Ryan (Cork North-Central) and Dean Mulligan (Dublin Fingal).

Cork North-Central:

Fine Gael: Senator Colm Burke

Fianna Fáil: Cllr. Padraig O’Sullivan

Sinn Féin: Cllr. Thomas Gould

Labour Party: Cllr. John Maher

Green Party: Cllr. Oliver Moran

Social Democrats: Sinéad Halpin

People Before Profit: 

Solidarity: Cllr. Fiona Ryan

Aontú: Finian Toomey

Workers Party:  James Coughlan


Independents/Others: Martin Condon, Charlie Keddy, Thomas Kiely

Dublin Mid-West:

Fine Gael: Cllr. Emer Higgins

Fianna Fáil: Cllr. Shane Moynihan

Sinn Féin: Cllr. Mark Ward

Labour Party: Cllr. Joanna Tuffy

Green Party: Cllr. Peter Kavanagh

Social Democrats: Anne-Marie McNally

People Before Profit: Kellie Sweeney



Workers Party:  David Gardiner


Independents/Others: Cllr. Paul Gogarty, Cllr. Francis Timmons, Ruth Nolan (Independents 4 Change), Charlie Keddy, Peter Madden

Dublin Fingal:

Fine Gael: Senator James Reilly

Fianna Fáil: Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee

Sinn Féin: Cllr. Ann Graves

Labour Party: Cllr. Duncan Smith

Green Party: Cllr. Joe O’Brien

Social Democrats: Tracey Carey

People Before Profit: 



Workers Party: 


Independents/Others: Gemma O’Doherty, Cllr. Dean Mulligan (Independents 4 Change), Cormac McKay, Glenn Brady, Charlie Keddy, Peadar O’Kelly


Fine Gael: Verona Murphy

Fianna Fáil: Cllr. Malcolm Byrne

Sinn Féin: Johnny Mythen

Labour Party: Cllr. George Lawlor

Green Party: Karin Dubsky

Social Democrats:

People Before Profit: Cinnamon Blackmore


Aontú: Cllr. Jim Codd

Workers Party: 


Irish Freedom Party: Melissa O’Neill

Independents/Others: Charlie Keddy


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