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Where could Fianna Fail run female candidates at the next general election, in response to the party’s Markiewicz Report:

Adrian Kavanagh, 15th January 2015 (updated: 23rd June 2015) January 15th 2015 saw the publication of the Markievicz Commission Report, which set out targets for Fianna Fail to reach in order to meet the requirements set by the gender quota legislation. … Continue reading

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Ministerial and Junior Ministerial appointments by constituency after the July 2014 Reshuffle (11th/15th July 2014)

Adrian Kavanagh, Friday 11th July 2014 – updated Tuesday 15th July 2014 This post will look at ministerial appointments by constituency and by region, in the wake of today’s Cabinet reshuffle, and will consider whether Geography had an influence on these, while also contrasting … Continue reading

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The 2014 Local Elections and Female Support/Representation levels

Adrian Kavanagh, 27th May 2014 (with subsequent updates)  While May 23rd 2014 was not exactly Lá de na Mná, this year’s local elections did mark an improvement on the low levels of female candidacies and representation associated with previous local election … Continue reading

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Past not an entirely different country? A look back at the 1985 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 22nd November 2013 With little more than half a year until the 2014 Local Elections, I thought it would be useful to look back at a previous local elections contest that took place in what may well prove … Continue reading

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Female candidates contesting the 2014 Local Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 30th October 2013 – post updated as and when new female candidates are added/female candidates withdraw 314 female candidates contested the 2009 City and County Council elections, accounting for 17.2% of the total number of candidates. For the 2014 … Continue reading

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My Priorities for Electoral and Political Reform in Ireland

As the adriankavanaghelections.org website nears its 100,000th hit, I have decided to mark the occasion with a post detailing what would be the issues that I would most like to see being prioritised in relation to the areas of electoral … Continue reading

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Female representation levels on City/County Councils and Borough/Town Councils in Ireland

Adrian Kavanagh, 26th June 2013 The aim of last year’s gender quota legislation is to increase female electoral participation levels in the Republic of Ireland relative to the current low levels observed at both the national and local levels. This … Continue reading

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