2019 European Election candidates: An Overview

In this post, I will be detailing the names of the candidates for May’s European Elections contests (in the Republic of Ireland) by constituency.

As new candidates are confirmed between now and the election itself – and as son as possible after I become aware of this information – I will be updating this post to include their names.

Any links that are provided here will be solely to newspaper/media coverage that “prove” that a certain candidate has been selected. There will be no direct links to candidate home pages and other social media accounts, as well as to political party home pages.

Dublin constituency (4 Seats):

Fine Gael: Deputy Frances Fitzgerald, Mark Durkan

Fianna Fail: Barry Andrews

Sinn Fein: Lynn Boylan MEP

Labour Party: Cllr. Alex White

Green Party: Cllr. Ciarán Cuffe

Solidarity: Rita Harrold

People Before Profit: Gillian Brien

Social Democrats: Cllr. Gary Gannon

Workers Party: Cllr. Eilis Ryan

Others/Independents: Deputy Clare Daly Independents 4 Change, Senator Alice-Mary Higgins, Eamonn Murphy, Hermann Kelly, Gemma O’Doherty, Ben Gilroy, Aisling McNiffe, Mark Mullan, Tony Bosco Lowth

In Dublin, as of now, nine of the nineteen candidates (47.4%) listed here as contesting this constituency are female and ten (52.6%) are male.

Not surprisingly, all of the candidates selected/declared for this constituency, as of now, are based in the Dublin region. (At least) six of the Dublin-based candidates have bases/addresses on the North side of the City (although Ciarán Cuffe was formerly a Dáil deputy for the Dún Laoghaire constituency) – with most/all of these having a political base in the Dublin Central Dáil constituency area (apart from Deputy Clare Daly), while most of the other candidates (apart from Mark Durkan) have a political base/address on the South side of the City.

Only one of these candidates (as listed here) contested the Dublin constituency at the last European elections in 2014, although some more incumbents/former candidates may well be selected/declare themselves over the coming months.


Midlands-North-West constituency (4 Seats):

Fine Gael: Mairéad McGuinness MEP, Maria Walsh

Fianna Fail: Deputy Brendan Smith, Deputy Anne Rabbitte

Sinn Fein: Matt Carthy MEP

Labour Party: Dominic Hannigan

Green Party:  Saoirse McHugh


People Before Profit: Cyril Brennan

Social Democrats:

Renua: Michael O’Dowd

Direct Democracy Ireland: Patrick Greene

Workers Party: 

Others/Independents: Luke Ming Flanagan MEP, Peter Casey, Dilip Mahapatra, Fidelma Healy Eames, James Miller, Diarmaid Mulcahy, Olive O’Connor

In Midlands-North-West, six of the seventeen selected/declared candidates (35.3%) listed here as having been selected/declared to contest this constituency are female and eleven (64.7%) are male. Five hail from/have political bases in from Connacht (Mayo, Galway, Roscommon), three hail from Ulster (Monaghan, Cavan, Donegal), while the other four candidates hail from north Leinster (Louth and Meath).


South constituency (5 Seats):

Fine Gael: Deirdre Clune MEP, Sean Kelly MEP, Deputy Andrew Doyle 

Fianna Fail: Cllr. Malcolm Byrne, Deputy Billy Kelleher

Sinn Fein: Liadh Ní Riada MEP

Labour Party: Sheila Nunan

Green Party: Senator Grace O’Sullivan


People Before Profit: Adrienne Wallace

Social Democrats:


Workers Party: 

Identity Ireland: Peter O’Loughlin

Direct Democracy Ireland: Jan Van De Ven

Others/Independents: Deputy Mick Wallace Independents 4 Change,Cllr. Breda Gardner, Liam Minehan, Diarmuid Patrick O’Flynn, Paddy Fitzgerald, Walter Ryan Purcell, Theresa Heaney, Dolores J. Cahill, Maurice Joseph Sexton, Alan J. Brennan, Colleen Worthington, Peter Madden

In South, nine of the twenty three candidates selected/declared to date (39.1%) are female and fourteen of the candidates (60.9%) are male. Seven of the candidates are based in south Leinster (Carlow, Kilkenny, Wicklow and Wexford, but none are based in Laois or Offaly), while the other sixteen candidates are based in Munster (Waterford, Cork, Kerry, Tipperary).


Fifty nine candidates have been selected/confirmed as European Elections candidates, to date, to the best of my knowledge.

In all, across the three different European Elections constituencies twenty four of the candidates listed here (40.9%) are female and thirty five (59.1%) are male. As of now, there are seven incumbents/MEPs down on the above list as contesting these elections; There are also ten Dáil deputies/Senators and five City/County Councillors contesting these elections.


About Adrian Kavanagh

Lecturer at the Maynooth University Department of Geography. Email: adrian.p.kavanagh@mu.ie
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