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A Geography of Voting at the 2018 Presidential Election

Adrian Kavanagh, 30th October 2018 There is always a “geography” to electoral support and turnout patterns and this was very much the case with the 2018 Presidential Election. This contest saw a number of records being set in terms of … Continue reading

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Geographical perspectives on the May 2018 referendum contest

Adrian Kavanagh, 29th May 2018 With a national turnout rate of 64.1% – just 1.0% lower than the national turnout level for the 2016 General Election – the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy (Repeal of 8th Amendment) referendum was passed with 66.4% … Continue reading

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Larger Parties Squeezing Out Smaller Parties and Independents? Constituency-level analysis of Irish Times-Ipsos MRBI (19th April) poll and the Summer 2018 polls

Adrian Kavanagh, 19th April 2018 As the Electoral (Amendment) (Dáil Constituencies) Bill 2017 was officially passed into law just before Christmas 2017, the new Constituency Commission electoral boundaries are now used as the basis for the analysis. The translation of … Continue reading

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