Independents, United Left Alliance and Other Small Parties

Adrian Kavanagh – updated on 13th February 2011

With close of nominations now past, this is what I take to be the list of all independent and smaller party candidates;

Constituency   Independents/Others
Carlow-Kilkenny 5 Conor MacLiam (SP-ULA), Noel G Walsh, David Murphy, Johnny Couchman, John O’Hara, Ramie Leahy, John Dalton, Stephen Kelly
Cavan-Monaghan 5 Cllr. Seamus Treanor, John McGuirk (NV),  Caroline Forde, Joseph Duffy
Clare 4  Cllr. James Breen, Jim Connolly, JJ McCabe, Brian Markham, Gerry Walshe, Ann Cronin, Ciaran O’Dea, Sarah Ferrigan, Madeline McAleer, Patrick Brassil
Cork East 4 Paul O’Neill (NV), Claire Cullinane (CPPC), Patrick Bullman (CPPC), Paul Burke
Cork North-Central 4 Cllr. Mick Barry (SP-ULA), Padraig O’Sullivan (NV), Cllr. Ted Tyan (WP), John Adams (TPC), Fergus O’Rourke, Benjamin Ashu-Arrah, Kevin Conway, Harry Rea (CSP)
Cork North-West 3 Anne Foley (PBPA-ULA) 
Cork South-Central 5 Cllr. Mick Finn, David McCarthy (NV), Eric Isherwood, Diarmad O’Cadhla (CPPC), Ted Neville, Sean JB Dunphy, Gerard Linehan, Finbar O’Driscoll
Cork South-West 3 Dave McInerney (NV), Paul Doonan (NV), John Kearney, Michael “Miney” O’Sullivan, Edmund Butler
Donegal North-East 3 Cllr. Ian McGarvey, Ryan Stewart  (NV), Betty Holmes, Dessie Shiels, Dara Blaney (NV), Ian McGarvey
Donegal South-West 3 Cllr. Thomas Pringle, Anne Sweeney, Stephen McCahill
Dublin Central 4 Maureen O’Sullivan TD, Cllr. Christy Burke, Cllr. Cieran Perry, Liam Johnston (FN), Malachy Steenson (WP), John Pluto Hyland, Paul O’Loughlin (CSP), Benny Cooney, Thomas Hollywood
Dublin Mid-West 4 Cllr. Gino Kenny (PBPA-ULA), Robert Connelly (SP-ULA), Mick Finnegan (WP), Michael Anthony Ryan, Niall Smith, Colm McGrath, Jim McHale
Dublin North 4 Cllr. Clare Daly (SP-ULA), Mark Harrold
Dublin North-Central 3 Finian McGrath TD, John Lyons (PBPA-ULA), Paul Clarke
Dublin North-East 3 Brian Greene (SP-ULA), Robert Eastwood, Jimmy Guerin, Raymond Sexton, Eamonn Blaney (NV)
Dublin North-West 3 John Dunne (WP), Andrew Keegan (PBP-ULA), Michael J Loftus (NV), Michael Pearse Francis Larkin (CSP), Sean Mooney
Dublin South 5 Sen. Shane Ross, Nicola Curry (PBPA-ULA), Jane Murphy (CSP), Buhidma Hussein Hamed, Gerard P. Dolan, Raymond Patrick Whitehead, Éamonn Zaidan, John Anthony Doyle
Dublin South-Central 5 Cllr. Joan Collins (PBPA-ULA), Gerry Kelly, Colm Callanan (CSP), Sean Connolly Farrell, Peter O’Neill, Noel Francis Bennett, Neville Bradley, Paul King
Dublin South-East 4 Cllr. Mannix Flynn, Paul Sommerville, Dylan Haskins, Annette Mooney (PBPA-ULA), James Coyle, John Dominic Keigher, Noel Watson, Peadar Ó Ceallaigh, Hugh Sheehy
Dublin South-West 4 Mick Murphy (SP-ULA), Ray Kelly
Dublin West 4 Joe Higgins MEP (SP-ULA),  Clement Esebamen
Dun Laoghaire 4 Cllr. Richard Boyd-Barrett (PBPA-ULA), Cllr. Victor Boyhan, Nick Crawford (NV), Carl Haughton, Daire Fitzgerald (CSP), Mike Deegan, Trevor Frederick Patton
Galway East 4 Cllr. Sean Canney, Cllr. Tim Borderick, Emer O’Donnell 
Galway West 5 Noel Grealish TD, Cllr. Catherine Connolly, Cllr. Thomas Welby, Mike Cubbard, Eamon Walsh, Eoin Uinseann Holmes, Thomas King
Kerry North-West Limerick 3 Mary Fitzgibbon, Bridget O’Brien, Mick Reidy (NV), John McKenna, Sam Locke
Kerry South 3 Cllr Michael Healy-Rae, Cllr. Tom Fleming, Cllr. Michael Gleeson (SKIA), Dermot Finn, Richard Behal
Kildare North 4 Cllr Catherine Murphy, Eric Doyle-Higgins, Bart Murphy, Michael Beirne
Kildare South 3 Cllr Paddy Kennedy, Clifford Reid
Laois-Offaly 5 Cllr. John Leahy,  Cllr. Rotimi Adebari, Cllr. Eddie Fitzpatrick, Cllr. John Foley, Fergus McDonnell TC, Liam Dumpleton, Ray Fitzpatrick (Laois-Offaly SP-ULA), James Fanning, Michael Patrick Cox, John Boland, John Bracken
Limerick City 4 Cian Prendiville (SP-ULA), Cllr. Kevin Kiely, Conor O’Donoghue (CSP), Matt Larkin, Dennis Riordan
Limerick 3 John Dillon, Seamus Sherlock, Patrick O’Doherty, Con Cremin 
Longford-Westmeath 4 Cllr. Kevin “Boxer” Moran, David D’Arcy (NV), John Boland, Benny Cooney, Donal Jackson
Louth 5 Thomas Clare (NV), Gerry Crilly, David Bradley, Robert Glynn, Frank Godfrey, Luke Martin, Fred Matthews, Robin Wilson
Mayo 5 Cllr. Michael Kilcoyne, Martin Daly (NV), Loretta Clarke, Sean Forkin, Dermot McDonnell
Meath East 3 Sharon Keogan (NV), Cllr. Joe Bonner
Meath West 3 Seamus McDonagh (WP), Manus MacMeanmain (CSP), Stephen Ball, Ronan Carolan, Daithi Stephens
Roscommon-South Leitrim 3 Cllr. Luke Ming Flanagan (NV), John McDermott (HAC), Sean Kearns
Sligo-North Leitrim 3 Cllr. Declan Bree (ULA), Cllr. Michael Clarke, Gabriel Mc Sharry, Alwyn Love (NV), Cllr. Veronica Cawley, Dick Cahill
Tipperary North 3 Michael Lowry TD, Billy Clancy (NV), Kate Bopp
Tipperary South 3 Mattie McGrath TD, Cllr. Seamus Healy (WUAG-ULA)
Waterford 4 Cllr. John Halligan, Cllr. Joe Conway, Joe Tobin (WP), Ben Nutty (FN), Justin Collery,  Tom Higgins, Declan Waters, Gerard Kiersey
Wexford 5 Seamus O’Brien (PBPA-ULA), John Dwyer TC, Mick Wallace, Ruairi De Valera, Siobhain Roseingrave
Wicklow 5 Joe Behan TD, Cllr. Nicky Kelly, Peter Dempsey TC, Stephen Donnelly, Thomas Clarke, Eugene Finnegan, Michael Mulvihill, Charlie Keddy, Gerry Kinsella (FN), Pat Kavanagh TC (FN), Kevin Carroll, Anthony Fitzgerald, Donal Kiernan, Jim Tallon

More details on United Left Alliance candidates – visit these sites for details on Socialist Party candidates and People Before Profit Alliance candidates. For more details on Workers Party candidates, visit their website. This is the link for the Fis Nua website, but seems to be little in way of candidate details available there. This is the link for the homepage of the New Vision alliance. Details on Christian Solidarity Party candidates may be viewed here.


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16 Responses to Independents, United Left Alliance and Other Small Parties

  1. Ronan says:

    What does “TC” referr to after the candidates names? Can’t work it out at the minute.

  2. Pingback: Confirmed Independents Running in General Election

  3. Jimmy Kelly says:

    Would it be possible to include former parties the independents belonged to. Im sure some of these so called independents are still supporters of party politics and would be very willing to prop up their former associates.

  4. Jack Jameson says:

    The flip side is that the parties the candidates left to go Independent would often be the last ones on Earth they’d support.

    • Jimmy Kelly says:

      Not necessarily so. Independent FF. Jim McDaid ? Jackie Healy Rea ? Joe Behan ? Beverly Cooper Flynn ? I believe would be just a few examples.

  5. Steve Malone says:

    Can you supply E-Mails for canditates

  6. John F says:

    Are you missing Eamonn Blaney (spokesperson for New Vision) in Dublin North-East? If so the tally of 233 independents as reported by RTE would appear to be incorrect (or do you have someone else in the list who did not declare?)

  7. Ronan says:

    Thanks for this Adrian, it’s been extremely useful in the run up to the election.

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