The Younger Ones: General Election (2019-2021) candidates aged between 21 and 35

Adrian Kavanagh, Originally posted on 20th July 2018

In a similar vein to earlier posts relating to the 2016 General Election and 2011 General Election candidates and a similar post relating to younger candidates contesting the 2014 City and County Council elections, this page seeks to list the names, and party affiliations, of all the candidates for the 2016 General Election whose ages fall in the 21-35 years age category. (Candidates whose ages fall in the 18-30 years age category will be denoted by a * – all the other candidates listed here fall into the 31-35 year age category, apart from those cases where it is not clear whether the candidates falls into the 21-30 or 31-35 age categories.)

Please note that this is an incomplete list due to difficulties in getting age-related information. Given the difficulties involved in getting age details for some candidates, the likelihood is that I will miss out on some names that should be included here, but I will do my best to ensure this list is as accurate as possible. If you note any glaring absences (and especially if you are one of the candidates that should be listed below, or else are incorrectly listed below), please feel free to comment below, or to Tweet me at @AdrianKavanagh or email me at instead.

I have been compiling this list since July 2015. From the get-go, this list did not include candidates who might run or who are highly likely to run, but this list just includes party candidates who had been officially selected to run at conventions or independent candidates who have publicly declared their intention to contest the upcoming general election. I will also not add candidates onto this list until I am sure that their age details are correct.

At present (Updated: 23rd October 2019), I can currently account for thirty two candidates in the 21-35 age category (9.8% of the total number of general election candidates listed so far). Fourteen (43.8%) of the candidates in this group are female and eighteen (56.2%) of the candidates in this group are male. Eleven of these candidates are in the 21-30 age category (3.4% of the total number of candidates).

A higher proportion of all female candidates (13.7%) currently fall into the 21-35 age category than the proportion/percentage of all male candidates (8.0%) that do.

Political parties, to date, have selected 30 candidates (9.9% of the total number of political party candidates selected to date), who are in the 21-35 year-old age category.

As far as I can make out, the youngest selected/declared general election candidates so far are Liam van der Spek, the Labour candidate for Cavan-Monaghan and Martha Lyons, the Sinn Féin candidate for Cork North-West.

In terms of political parties/groupings, out of the candidates listed below:

  • 8 are Fine Gael candidates – 10.3% of the total number of Fine Gael candidates, as of this point in time.
  • 5 are Fianna Fáil candidates – 7.0% of the total number of Fianna Fail candidates, as of this point in time.
  • 4 are Sinn Féin candidates – 9.1% of the total number of Sinn Fein candidates, as of this point in time.
  • 4 are Social Democrats candidates – 19.0% of the total number of Social Democrats candidates, as of this point in time.
  • 3 are Solidarity-People Before Profit candidates – 15.8% of the total number of Solidarity, People Before Profit and RISE candidates, as of this point in time.
  • 1 is a Labour Party candidates – 4.5% of the total number of Labour Party candidates, as of this point in time.
  • 4 are Green Party candidate – 16.0% of the total number of Green Party candidates, as of this point in time.
  • 1 is a Non Party candidate – 4.3% of the total number of Non Party/Independent candidates, as of this point in time.

The list of candidates in the younger age category (aged 21-35) accounted for to date includes:

Constitutuency Candidates Aged 21-35
Carlow-KilkennyAdrienne Wallace* PBP,
Patrick O’Neill FG
Cavan-MonaghanLiam van der Spek LAB*,
Emmett Smith PBP
Cork EastJames O’Connor* FF
Cork North CentralSinéad Halpin SD, Padraig O’Sullivan FF
Cork North WestMartha Lyons* SF,
John Paul O’Shea FG
Cork South CentralDonnchadh Ó Laoghaire* SF,
Lorna Bogue* GP
Cork South West
Dublin CentralGary Gannon SD,
Éilis Ryan WP
Dublin Mid WestPeter Kavanagh GP,
Emer Higgins FG
Dublin Fingal
Dublin Bay North
Dublin North WestNoel Rock* FG
Dublin RathdownNeale Richmond FG
Dublin South CentralRichard Murray IND
Dublin Bay South
Dublin South WestPaul Murphy RISE
Dublin WestJack Chambers FF*,
Aengus Ó Maoláin SD
Dun Laoghaire
Galway East
Galway WestNiall O Tuathail SD, 
Mairéad Farrell* SF
Kerry County
Kildare North
Kildare South
Limerick City
Limerick County
Longford-WestmeathLouise Heavin GP
MayoLisa Chambers FF, Saoirse McHugh GP*
Meath EastHelen McEntee FG,
Deirdre Geraghty-Smith FF
Meath West
Roscommon-GalwayClaire Kerrane* SF,
Maura Hopkins FG
WaterfordJohn Cummins FG
WicklowSimon Harris FG

Please note that all candidates in the 21-30 age category (that I am aware of, of course) are denoted by an * in the table above.

I will, of course, continue to update this page when new candidate selections are added in, or when I get age details relating to other younger candidates, who need to be added to this page.


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