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Seanad Election 2016 – Cultural and Educational Panel counts: Updates and Perspectives

Adrian Kavanagh, 25th April 2016 (This post will be (hopefully) updated, as and when counts proceed over the rest of the day.) Counting for the 2016 Seanad elections commenced earlier today. Cultural and Educational Panel (5 seats – at least … Continue reading

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Better Luck Next Time Baby…: 2011 General Election candidates with the lowest first preference votes

Adrian Kavanagh, 17th February 2016 Every hurling team cannot be Kilkenny. Every rugby team cannot be New Zealand. Every Eurovision country cannot be Ireland. For every poll-topper, there has to be the candidate at the bottom of the pile. While … Continue reading

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November election looking less likely?: Constituency-level analysis of the Irish Times-Ipsos MRBI opinion poll (24th September 2015)

Adrian Kavanagh, 24th September 2015  Today sees the third in the series of Irish Times-Ipsos MRBI opinion polls for 2015, with this being the first such poll held for a number of months – since the May 18th poll (held before the … Continue reading

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Dail constituency support estimates: Combining 2014 Local Election results and Opinion Poll-generated support estimates

Adrian Kavanagh, 7th August 2015 As you may know, I try to regularly carry out what I term a constituency-level analysis of opinion poll figures, as and when these are released, to try and decipher what these might mean in … Continue reading

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Poll Toppers at the 2014 Local (City and County Council) Elections

Adrian Kavanagh, 26th June 2015 In the lead up to, and in the immediate aftermath of, the 2011 General Election, I produced a post reviewing the poll toppers in each of the different constituencies at the 2007 General Election and their … Continue reading

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General Election 2016 candidates who previously contested elections for other parties/political groupings

Adrian Kavanagh, 25th June 2015 In this post, I have attempted to list all the candidates for the upcoming general election who have previously contested elections for political parties/political groupings that are different to the one they are currently in. In the … Continue reading

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Ne’er cast a clout till May be out: Constituency-level analysis of the Sunday Business Post-Red C opinion poll (31st May 2015)

Adrian Kavanagh, 30th May 2015  Tomorrow sees the latest in monthly series of Sunday Business Post-Red C opinion polls. Both of the two government parties – having lost some ground in last month’s poll – gain some significant ground in this poll, while … Continue reading

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