Nomination Process for 2014 Local Elections candidates

Adrian Kavanagh, 19th March 2014

If you are a (potential) candidate for the 2014 Local Elections, you will find that all details on how to formally be nominated as a local elections candidate will be provided by your local City/County Council. So the relevant webpage(s) provided on the website of the local City/County Council should be the first stop for all potential/interested local election candidates. 

Not all City/County Councils seem to have updated their local elections information for 2014 on their websites yet. But other Councils have done so and the same local election candidate nomination guidelines as for these would apply in all other cases (except for the fact that any nomination forms/papers/deposits obviously need to be lodged through the potential candidate’s own local Council).

See the 2014 Dublin City Council details here:

See the 2014 Laois County details here:

As  a comparison of the pages for both these local authorities suggests, the nomination process in principle is effectively the same in all local authority areas.

In advance of the formal nomination (which must be done in the week between 26th April (10.00am) 2014 and 3rd May (12.00pm) 2014), a potential candidate can always publicly declare their candidacy using local media sources (ie. send out press releases to all local radio stations and local newspapers in their county) and social media (e.g. set up a Facebook page and/or establish a Twitter account etc… as a means of publicising their candidacy and their campaign policies/issues). A potential candidate can always publicise their candidacy by being listed as a local election candidate on the relevant page(s) of this website!


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    Thanks Adrian for this information.


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