Sinn Fein candidate selections

Adrian Kavanagh – updated on 7th February 2011

I found it more difficult to access as much reliable candidate selection information from the Sinn Fein website as I was able to do from the Fine Gael/Labour websites, but this is list of my current knowledge of officially selected Sinn Fein candidates and it seems this could be the final list. This list includes 41 candidates, competing in 38 different constituencies – same number of candidates as in 2007 General Election and two fewer constituencies being contested. 

Constituency   Sinn Fein
Carlow-Kilkenny 5 Kathleen Funchion TC, John Cassin TC
Cavan-Monaghan 5 Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin TD, Kathryn Reilly
Clare 4 Not contesting
Cork East 4 Cllr. Sandra McLellan
Cork North-Central 4 Cllr. Jonathan O’Brien
Cork North-West 3 Des O’Grady
Cork South-Central 5 Cllr. Chris O’Leary
Cork South-West 3 Paul Hayes
Donegal North-East 3 Cllr. Pádraig Mac Lochlainn
Donegal South-West 3 Pearse Doherty TD
Dublin Central 4 Mary Lou McDonald
Dublin Mid-West 4 Eoin Ó Broin
Dublin North 4 Not contesting 
Dublin North-Central 3 Helen McCormack 
Dublin North-East 3 Cllr. Larry O’Toole
Dublin North-West 3 Cllr. Dessie Ellis 
Dublin South 5 Sorcha Nic Cormaic 
Dublin South-Central 5 Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD 
Dublin South-East 4 Ruadhán Mac Aodháin
Dublin South-West 4 Cllr. Sean Crowe
Dublin West 4 Paul Donnelly
Dun Laoghaire 4 Not contesting 
Galway East 4 Cllr. Dermot Connolly 
Galway West 5 Trevor Ó Clochartaigh
Kerry North-West Limerick 3 Martin Ferris TD
Kerry South 3 Not contesting 
Kildare North 4 Martin Kelly
Kildare South 3 Jason Turner 
Laois-Offaly 5 Cllr. Brian Stanley
Limerick City 4 Cllr. Maurice Quinlivan
Limerick 3 Not contesting 
Longford-Westmeath 4 Paul Hogan TC 
Louth 5 Gerry Adams MP MLA
Mayo 5 Cllr. Rose Conway-Walsh, Thérèse Ruane TC 
Meath East 3 Michael Gallagher
Meath West 3 Cllr Peadar Toibin
Roscommon-South Leitrim 3 Cllr. Martin Kenny 
Sligo-North Leitrim 3 Cllr. Michael Colreavy
Tipperary North 3 Cllr. Seamus Morris 
Tipperary South 3 Michael Brown TC
Waterford 4 Cllr. David Cullinane
Wexford 5 Anthony Kelly TC
Wicklow 5 Cllr. John Brady

More details on the Sinn Fein candidates are available from their website


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9 Responses to Sinn Fein candidate selections

  1. RepublicanSocialist1798 says:

    Gallagher is in Meath East and Cllr Tobin in Meath West btw. No candidate will be run in Kildare South.

    • D’oh!!! Corrected, thanks for that Republican Socialist. Will Kildare South (and maybe Limerick) be only constituency with no SF candidate. Kildare South, Limerick West and Cork North West were only constituencies with no SF candidate in 2007, but is already a SF candidate in the field in CNW this time around!

      • RepublicanSocialist1798 says:

        I’ll ask again about Kildare South but that’s what I was told. I’ll ask in Limerick but it’ll be the same case as last time I think. It’s possible they might not run in Clare as well (local organisation problems and the two most likley candidates there have both said they will not run).
        O’Snodaigh will be the only candidate in Dublin South Central. along with Ellis in North West and MacLochlainn in Donegal NE. Martin Kenny has been selected in Roscommon-South Leitrim. I think there are plans afoot to run two in Mayo.

  2. Seamus Hazlett says:

    Paul Donnelly has been selected as Sinn Féin’s candidate in Dublin West.

  3. Siobhan pender says:

    Hi would you have a number for Jason Turner or an address where i could contact him by post please?

  4. M says:

    Jason Turner 085 8205248 facebook Sinn Fein Kildare South

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